Hideaway Hunters — A corp for casual, mature players

Hey there mate, we’d be happy to have you. Just read up on the original post on how to get started on joining :slight_smile:

Hey Sen, :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve Been running solo playing this game roughly almost a year now, I’m omega,… but I’m finally looking to join a corp… You guys and gals look exactly, in what I’m looking for in a corp… and I’m def interested in joining the tribe…
I’ve been trying for a long, time to figure alot of things out in this game, and with trial and error have had some accomplishments and failures… The game can get boring unless you truly have people around to help you which OfCourse, makes the game that much more interesting.
I roughly have very little Pvp experience, but have held my own in a few battles… I’m not sure what I would have to do to join, but I am def looking for that relaxed, mature crew that you all seem to be presenting. I try to be on as much as I possibly can, but I could be active and in-active at some times, like you said… we all have real lives to tend to…
And def good to finally see a straight up corp, rather than all the hacks out there that don’t present what they preach,… which the reason I’ve ran solo all of this time…
What would my first steps be in joining the crew possibly?
Ty Sen

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Played previously years ago but literally just started back out, would be interested in joining up, love my mining however only flying in a vulture at the moment. Im 36/M/Uk.

Hi mate, we’d be happy to have you join us! Feel free to join The Hideaway, hang out, and ask any questions you might have. If you don’t have any questions for us, just go ahead and send in an application in-game with a brief introduction

Fly safe and have a great day o7


Recruitment is open again!

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