Hideaway Hunters — A corp for casual, mature players


We are a relaxed sandbox corp & tight-knit gaming community where everyone is welcome. We have no requirements for activity or participation, and real life always comes first.

While we are primarily a mining and industry-focused corp, we have members from every area of the game - PVP, marketeers, explorers, etc.

Many of us are very experienced and are more than happy to answer questions and help you figure things out.

We often play other games together, such as World of Warships, Elite Dangerous, and Warframe. We promote friendliness & maturity in the community, and have no tolerance for toxicity, drama, or derogatory comments.
Join us on our Discord, The Hideaway - find people to play other games with, listen to music together or battle Pokémon with our bots, share pictures and videos, or just chat.

What the corp offers:
    — Relaxed, casual environment in which to play the game however you want
    — No CTAs or required activities of any kind*
    — Wardec-free
    — Regular mining ops with Orcas - ore, ice, and moon
    — Access to expansive blueprint library
    — Buyback programs for most materials - ore, ice, PI, and gas
    — And some other stuff

We have very few rules or requirements:
    — Be mature and respectful - this includes no derogatory comments of any sort, no toxicity, and no drama
    — Be able to communicate in English - Google Translate is fine :slight_smile:

There is no required activity level or participation in the corp - we understand not everyone can login every day* or wants to chat all the time

If you have any questions, feel free to ask here or on our Discord, or join the HIHUN KX chat channel in-game.
Otherwise, if you feel like Hideaway Hunters is the place for you, send an application in-game with some basic info - what kind of stuff do you like to do, what are you looking for in a corp, etc.

Fly safe, and have a good day! o7

* We will occasionally remove members who have not logged in for a considerable time, mostly 6+ months. There is plenty of warning when we do this, and everyone is free to return to the corp when this happens.



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Joined this corp a couple of weeks ago, and they’re great! You should join too if any of the following apply:

  • You think video games should be relaxing and fun and can’t be having with drama.
  • You’ve spent ages scrolling through recruitment ads and were starting to think there’s no such thing as just a group of vaguely normal folks casually playing EVE.
  • You like the idea of making new friends who play other games together too.
  • You want the freedom to potter around and do your own thing, but also people to chat to while you do it.
  • You enjoy joining impromptu mining parties while at the same time feeling no pressure to do so.
  • You’re new and frightened and could benefit from the advice of old bittervets.
  • You want to learn about / get into industry in a supportive & knowledgable environment that only occasionally turns into complaining about ore changes.
  • You’re a woman or member of another minority in the game who can’t believe how hard it is even in 2020 to find somewhere that doesn’t think that’s a big deal.
  • You can cope with the occasional late-night rant from Sen :eyes:

Sometimes they’re in the afternoons, too!

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Hey guys, I recently returned to eve after a long break. Decided to start from scratch rather than boot up my old account. I tend to prefer mining fleets, destroying belts with a orca booster and some wingmen… maybe some occasional pve content, never been a fan of pvp.

I made the mistake of joining a corp that had just spammed my emails so I will have to leave this one but once I have I would like to join you guys if possible?



We’d be happy to have you! :slight_smile: Please just send an application to the corp in-game, answering the couple questions in the original thread.

I’m looking fir a friendly corp on Gallente space, which area are you based?

Sorry mate, we’re firmly based within the greatest empire of New Eden - Caldari.

do you have access to structures that can do reactions?

Sorry, no.

Hello there,
I have been playing EvE for about 15 days so far and am loving it. I jump on for at least a little bit of time every day after work. Never really know what time that will be so it will be hit and miss as far as giving a time I will be on every day.
So far I am really liking high and lowsec ratting in Belts. Also enjoy scanning signitures for data/relic sites in space. I toss a bit of Minning in here and there but not a lot.
I amd Alfa ATM but who knows what time will bring.
I’m looking for a group of people to Hang and chat with as i’m really a social person. I noticed that you where based out of Caldari and lucky me … thats what I am. lol


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Hi, I’ve been playing eve for a couple of monthes nowm and am looking for a corp to join. I was reading the description and was wondering how you pvp? Do you gank ships, go to low or null sec cause I dont really want to be losing isk to buy new ships and modules

I was also wondering what empire sace your in.

While a few of our members do PVP with alts outside of HIHUN, not many of us seek PVP inside HIHUN. Nor do we tolerate ganking.

We’re based in the greatest empire in all of New Eden - The Caldari State.

All right! I might send a request to join!

P.S I dont like gaking either : >)

Ill have to move a bit since I’m in Gallente space right now.

We have a hauling program to help new members relocate :slight_smile:

How get into contact with you guys? I might be interested. Just need ask few things first.