Wabbit Hunters - Hish Sec PVE corp

Looking for a chill, relaxed drama free corp ?

Tired of being in an inactive corp ?

Looking for someone to to fleet up with and do things with, be it missions or mining?

Well look no further…

Wabbit Hunters feels your pains and is looking to grow.

We offer:

Regular fleet ops, missions, mining in HS for now

A HS moon to mine

A raitaru to build in
Corporate blue prints for all to use.

When the corp grows we will look to establish a second home in wormhole space

A very experienced and helpful CEO

What we require:

A friendly disposition

Willingness to assist other members of the corp

NO Drama. Rudeness, crudeness and discrimination will be dealt with swiftly.

If interested post here or visit us in game “Wabbit Hunters Pub”


This all sounds rather great. I have been more off than on EvE lately and looking for some nice people to fly with in High Sec.

I am a filthy casual that likes to chat and work with people and help out where I can.

I am in Brisbane GMT +10 and play before and a little bit after DT.

Will try to catch up in game and have a chat :slight_smile:

+1 from me !

still recruiting…

Recruitment still open

Still recruiting

Recruiting all tz’s…

Corp is growing, come and join in the fun

Corp is growing steadily… come join the fun

Still recruiting…

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