WH PVP Corp - newbro Friendly - HS base

We are recruiting for a WH PVP corp that is currently in HS. No experience needed and newbro friendly, but you must be willing to train for appropriate cloaky ships and fly coherent fits.

We do roams from HS currently as we are training people up. We may eventually make a WH our home but our current needs are served very well by being based out of HS. This setup offers a very easy way to learn how to scout and hunt, and is very casual and approachable. We have lived in WH’s and the vast majority of my EVE career has been conducted in W-space solo or very small gang. We are very active and have an HS indy sister corp.

We prefer people that are motivated to hunt instead of waiting for someone else to find them a kill. Lazy days are fine, we all have real lives but you should periodically attempt to find kills.

We will accept people that aren’t quite ready for WH life, so they can get help started. This is a friendly and social corp, and having those skills are most important.

-Voice coms not mandatory except for ops. Exceptions can be made for people who are motivated and can clearly and quickly communicate via chat.

-Discord for coms, no pings for CTA’s or other obtrusive nonsense.

  • Join chat channel Tickle Fights to chat with us and inquire about the corp.

Our general play time is from DT onto about +12.

-Status Update: We have 5 of us that are currently flying as a dedicated group, running both PVE and PVP. Our newest players are already good scouts and making solo kills with the skills they have learned. No big egos, just lots of dedicated and fun hunting.

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Hi Veshna, I’m interested in joining Corp, my in game Name is BeardTuga :), hope to ear from you sone, have a nice day :slight_smile:

Thanks for checking in. I will contact you in game.

Still recruiting.

Bump, still looking for fun people.

Bump, we are no loner looking nice people, we are now looking for cruel neckbeards. Please join Tickle Fights and describe how necky your beard is to join.

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I’m at work right now but I’ll contact as soon as I have time to log onto game.

I’m new af, but I will not let this game beat me. I survived dark souls, I will survive and overcome this too.

Plus wormhole cash for new people is nuts so as long as I can mine from time to time I’m your guy :sunglasses:

Bump, we are looking for good people that want to hunt.

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Still recruiting.

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