Hideaway Hunters is looking for mature combat pilots, new and old


Hideaway Hunters is a relaxed sandbox corp & tight-knit gaming community. We are primarily a highsec industrial and PVE group, but are looking to branch out into small-gang PVP shenanigans. We’re looking for mature, relaxed players who want to join us on this adventure. We welcome everyone, experienced or otherwise.

join us on our Discord, The Hideaway, if you’re interested or have any questions.

We often play other games together, such as World of Warships, Elite Dangerous, and Warframe. We promote friendliness & maturity in the community, and have no patience for toxicity, drama, or derogatory comments.

What the corp offers (main forum thread):
    — Relaxed, casual players to have fun with
    — Industrialists to help build/replace ships
    — No CTAs or required activities of any kind
    — Wardec-free

We have very few rules or requirements:
    — Be mature and respectful - this includes no derogatory comments of any sort, no toxicity, and no drama
    — Be able to communicate in English - Google Translate is fine :slight_smile:

Fly safe, and have a good day! o7


Always looking for new members!

Join us on our Discord @ discord.hideaway.gg

Closed for redundancy.