USTZ-Lowsec Abyss Wanderers: Hunters Wanted!

We are not a group of f1 clicking blobbers who log on for stratops only and live to complain on reddit.

We are not a group of hardcore pvpers who judge pvp skill by your killboard, while refusing to take any fight we aren’t sure to win.

We are a solo and small gang pvp corporation with a focus on balancing independence with learning from others.

What does this mean?
NO Mandatory stratops.
NO Waiting for diplo to tell you who to shoot and when. No blue donuts here!
YES Fun fights with groups all over new eden, with several groups to have fun fights with or against, as well as the opportunity to hunt unsuspecting carebears without diplo worries.
YES Helpful and experienced hunters that can help answer any questions.
YES A lowsec base of operations that allows for a constant diverse stream of content. Next door to null, faction warfare, and hisec, you can find fights with all types of players!

Comfortable fighting in big null fleets but want to learn how to do it all yourself? We are here to give you the freedom to do what you want, while providing you with the knowledge and the resources to succeed.

If you are interested in learning how to start fights and be on the hunt, shoot a mail or message to Karl Ecnal, or hop into our discord!

Personally I have experience flying solo in lowsec fw, as a pirate, in null, and in wormholes, as well as fc experience in null. Everyone’s able to learn more, and I am by no means an exception. Willingness to learn takes priority over what you know now, and as such is the only real expectation for us.

Recruitment still actively active in an active way!

Did I mention we have access to both an alliance hole for group ops as well as a corp hole for any of your lone wolf needs?

Into The Abyss event? I think this one’s going to be right up our ally…

Nietsche abyss quote anyone?

Battle not with monsters, lest ye become a monster, and if you gaze into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you

This week only our recruitment price is 90% off! That’s right folks! While before, recruitment would cost a total of 0 isk, now it is at the low low price of 0 isk! This sale is ending fast, as we are running out of spots, so come on over to our discord and pick up your very own spot in Abyss Wanderers today!


Honorable 1v1s in hisec included!

Right now we’re having a lot of fun flying frigates in lowsec and going up in balls of fire. Crazy fits encouraged!

This is why you take fights against the odds

The Nereus sequel you have all been waiting for!

EDIT -> We are in lowsec now! Updated the post accordingly.

insert bad joke here! (Still recruiting)

I like your style

Thanks !

Mining and exploration frigates coming to help alphas diversify their incomes. Will be given out free of charge!

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Still Recruiting! Explosions provided free of charge but we can’t guarantee whose ships will be going down

We are officially enlisted in Amarr factional warfare now, which means making isk from fighting is much easier!

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