Hideaway Hunters — A corp for casual, mature players

Is your corp a member of a like-minded alliance? I have a paid subscription with 2 characters who are in a corp I formed in 2007. The CEO is a Caldari. I would rather not dissolve that corp, for sentimental reasons. I recently reactivated that old subscription.

This particular character is an alpha I have been playing on and off for several years. I was thinking of having him join my existing corp.

Your corp sounds interesting. If you are a member of a like-minded alliance, perhaps my little corp could join. Or maybe we could form an alliance? Although I have no idea how that sort of thing is done.

I like to mine and produce and sell frigates, hybrid charges, missiles and armor. Kind of like a New Eden version of Pohl Anderson’s famous character Nicholas Van Rijn, except that I’m a LOT more introverted. Sometimes if I have had a bad day at work I like to fight “rats” in asteroid belts. I am not interested in PVP fighting or living in null.

I’m “mature” in years and in my gaming outlook. I dislike swearing, sexist “jokes” and racial “humor” in game chat and I dislike borderline-obscene character names. I just want to immerse myself in this beautiful sci-fi universe and forget about the pressures of RL from time to time. Having mature people to talk to about game stuff would be nice.

While we’re not in an alliance, nor are we looking to form one at the moment, there’s no problem with keeping your alt outside of HIHUN to keep that corp running - some of our members already do this.

Other than that, we’d be happy to have you join us. :slight_smile:

When are the times the corporation is most active?
I’m normally active 7PM - 10 PM PST Monday - Friday and 3 0r 4 PM PST - 10 PST GMT -7 Saturday Sunday (California time)
Got to find out if its worth the move and corp change as it’s not worth it if everyone logs out before I log in LOL. thought i saw one of the mbers in my neck of the woods but only one member.

Most of our members are in the North American timezones, so you should be good :slight_smile:

We also offer a relocation program that you can use.


I’m a returning player and interested in joining your corp. I have plenty of HiSec experience in PvE and Mining but very little Low and Null Sec experience.

I’m mainly a Gallente pilot but will happily move my stuff over to Caldari space for the right crew.

I’ll drop you an in-game message next time I login.

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I joined this Corp awhile back and love the people in it, friendly atmosphere! Come try it! You won’t be disappointed!

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I am interested in joining. I just came back to the game after a 9yr break and trying to find a good corp to join. I joined one yesterday that said theyd be able to teach me some things but they only had 4 members, which i understand but looking for something a little more active. I dont really have a lot of experience. Currently im in the Gallente Federation and would be willing to relocate it would just take some time to repackage ships and make the trek over. I have a Procurer and a Venture for mining and even a Badger that i was using while i worked up the skills to get into Freight running. Anyways sorry for the long message.

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These guys/gals are great, I love the atmosphere! Come join us :smiley:

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My main character is a member of this corp. The experience has been great. Mature adults, friendly, helpful. No drama. Just a nice group of people who enjoy this beautiful sci-fi universe as much as I do.

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Always looking for new members!

Join us on our Discord @ discord.hideaway.gg