Hideaway Hunters — A corp for casual, mature players

Welp…I attempted to join this corp however there CEO Sen Isu is not such a nice person unfortunately. I saw that her character had a covid mask on her face so I kinda poked fun at it. In retrospect i shouldn’t of said some political things about the mask but that ended my career with this corp instantly. Banned off their discord with no warning. It’s a sad day when something so minor leads to this but that’s what you get to defying the woke Hideaway Hunters. So my advice to anyone thinking of joining this corp. Don’t mention the mask! Or you will be obliterated! No hard feelings Sen :slight_smile:


You got banned for saying something about the mask on her avatar??? Well… dodged a bullet here. I am looking for a corp like this but if it has one of those hyper sensitive power crazy Leaders count me out. That is very childish. Thanks for the heads up Berzerk3r


I’ll post here what I posted on our Discord; If you can’t take public health safety advice seriously, you’re not a good fit for us. :slight_smile:

LOL what?? So you banned me because i don’t wear a mask in real life? Dafuq?

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RL political commentary has no place in New Eden. The same for racial and sexist “humor.” I have seen too many corps where that kind of thing is accepted because it is “funny.” But it really isn’t funny at all. And its irrelevant to this beautiful sci fi pretend universe we have.

My main character is a member of this corp. If there came a time when political, racial and sexist “humor” was acceptable, I would quit. I’m too old in RL years to waste time associating with people who get on my nerves.

I just want to play the game and have fun.

So far, for me, this has been a very good corp for mature players who are here to have fun.


I see your point but how about just telling me that at that moment instead of outright banning me? Didn’t think poking fun at the fact that the CEO’s avatar is wearing a frekan Covid mask was such a bad thing. I wouldn’t of mentioned it again if she had issued a warning but :confused:

The heading for this thread describes Hideaway Hunters as “A corp for casual, mature players.” I am not trying to belittle you, but I really think that with a header like that there should be certain expectations going in.

I’m not a corp officer and I would not be so forward as to attempt to speak for this corp. All I can say is that a person who is looking for a mature group of people with whom to explore what New Eden has to offer should certainly consider this corp. You can participate in whatever activities you are able to or want to participate in. Most of the people I have met are friendly and very helpful.

I don’t know the details of your interaction with the corp CEO and it’s none of my business. But for me, I would never poke fun at anyone or take liberties unless I know them very well. I would not do it in private messages and I certainly would not do it in corp chat. But that’s just me. For me, the rules of interaction online should be the same as they are in RL. This would make the internet a much more civil place. But I realize that that will never happen.

Again, I don’t speak for this corp or anyone in this corp except myself.


When I log in later tonight I’ll send you guys an application.

Returning from back in 07 and enjoying the game more than I did then, it feels like it has changed in so many ways but still all the good stuff I loved back then.

I know it doesn’t matter as much as personality seems to be the most important thing with this group and that’s the part that has me posting, 14m SP mostly orca miner, and have dabbled in hauling some in a Blockade Runner and just started with some exploration, spent some PVE time back in the beginning and very little PVP. Just looking for a good active group with no BS, with five kids and a granddaughter living with me there is literally no time for that! I just want to have fun playing a game with others even if I’m playing solo talking in chat.


Hideaway Hunters is hereby #SPACEPRINCESSAPPROVED

Its a great group the fly with!

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What is Space Princess?

Are you guys still looking for new members?

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So any corporation activities in the Metropolis region tried to find a corp near my stomping grounds to join ?

Unfortunately almost all of us are based in The Citadel region, just a handful of jumps away from Jita.

We do offer a relocation program for new members if you’d like to move, but I understand that home is home :slight_smile:


Always looking for new members!

Join us on our Discord @ discord.hideaway.gg