High Sec Corp LF Alliance

We are Arms Interplanetary Manufacturing and Distribution. My father and I are the leaders of 15 members and are looking to get larger obviously. We have been on and off this game since 2005 but have returned in full force.

I have been actively recruiting for two weeks and will continue to look for more members to join our ranks.

We have been focusing on our standings with other factions, have high standing with Minmitar and Gallente and are working on Caldari now. Heimatar is are home and The Forge is our temp home.

A few of us plan on getting into PvP but have zero knowledge and mostly lost ships from travelling through low/null sec.

Our main focus above all is growth and could use some guidance in getting there with an Alliance.

Can reach me in game on Whislander Vanir.

O7. While this may be a topic better suited for the recruiting page, come check us out. We are Kybernauts Clade of Pochven. We are the OG Pro Triglavian group in the game. While we are primarily a PVP orientated alliance, living in Pochven gives us access to some of the most lucrative mining in the game. Currently we are mostly USTZ based, with a smaller EU base.

If youre interested in PVP learning, in Triglavian mining, or are sinply looking for a good group of guys to come chill with, either send myself an Eve Mail @ Nicholas Kondur, or come chat in our discord linked below. Fly safe.

N. Kondur
Kybernauts Clade


We would love to strengthen our industry wing with you guys. We have about 50 members in our industry wing (not part of FW), but our core alliance (which is in Faction Warfare, so we can defend miners and also send people in case need help) is largest in caldari-gallente faction warfare.

I would welcome you to join our discord server and let’s have a chat :slight_smile:

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