United Caldari Space Command (Alliance LF corps)

The United Caldari Space Command [UCSC] is the head alliance of the Caldari Militia in Faction Warfare. We operate all throughout the Black Rise region to combat the Gallente Federation and its supporters. We are looking for corporations with like-minded goals and ambitions to take back systems for the Caldari State and bring the Federation under heel. We offer free logistics and many other benefits for member corps.
For more information, please join our Diplomatic Channel: UCSC Public or our Discord: https://discord.gg/32h7bNDUU7



Best alliance in Caldari Militia!


plenty of fleet mining here

bump for the big mining bucks

Best corp in New Eden! You gotta check it out!

Bump for getting me from a venture to a procurer and covetor in 2 days

Bump! for the best Alliance in New Eden!

Bump for free lp, frogs are pushovers

Great group of pilots. Great times to be had. Glory to the Caldari!

Bump for the best alliance

Bump for the best alliance

Yay we took another system for the State! Our alliance is #1!

Great Corp, awesome youth program!

Not wrong haha

Great alliance with a lot of friendly pilots. Would be awesome to get more allies involved!

Definitely the best team here

not a surprise we’ve got 50 bil of positive kills, death to the frogs

Yes the best out there!