High Sec Corporation Seeks Founding Officers


Our Corporation is seeking experienced players to build our new corporation. We are growing quickly and are seeking individuals with experience to make something out of the corporation. There is a clear, direct path i would like to take the corporation but I would like to build it in a more unique way.
A few things you should know

  1. We are not looking to do things like others do them now (Mandatory PvP Out side of CTA or CTA’s being the excuse for all reasons to go pvping). We are not looking for major political relationships this will further our need to make CTA’s. Cta’s will be reserved specifically for OUR TIMERS and nothing else.

  2. We are looking for ways to set up the corporation to give isk to individuals in the corporation per an hourly bases. This is a totally different system then how the current eve corporations work with “on activity” taxing (ie buy back ore with tax etc)

  3. We’re Looking for a more “Team related” and “transparent” Leadership (structure already designed but may be subject to minor-ish changes).

  4. This is a serious opportunity. We’d expect you to meet it as such, and no role will be given out in this corporation with out a deposit (subject to scaling with corporate growth). All access will be limited to that deposit amount.

  5. All Officer Roles will require you to be voice-active and a minumum of 4 days a week activity with 3 hours a day, or a minimum of 15 hours a week.

If you are interested you may contact me in game to talk further.

Wait, wait hol up, you want people to PAY to join your 10 man corp and follow you who has 0 track record in eve and is like a week old? :rofl: what a scam

  1. Dont troll my threads ill just flag the post.
  2. how do you know im not an alt?
  3. It is only a requirement for people with role access, and not for the general member.
  4. Done like it, dont apply (or reply to my threads).
  5. the above does not mean its a scam, stop being a child not everyone in eve is a douche.

Sorry man, you’ve already failed.

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Hi there! I would be interested in talking with you a little bit.

Have you guys considered wormhole space? Or setting up some Joint-Operations with us? Come check it out

Sub Inc. - Undocking is our Specialty.

99.9% of all corps made in EVE fail, as will this one.

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Sorry, We are not interested in wormhole space right now and will very likely not be in the future.

This is either the best or worst scam Ive ever seen.


Or not a scam at all. Very cleaver way to prevent it.

So your saying regardless of my ability as a leader or knowledge of the game could simply pay to become a high ranking member of the corp with, most likely, access to some if not all of your corp’s assets. That sounds like a really good idea. How much are you charging for roles anyway Id love to know how much you think you’re worth

Incorrect. I am saying we require Retainers on top of qualifications. I do not give out full access, director roles, and i limit the corporate hangers to a very small amount of the corps wealth either 1b or 2% which ever is greater

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