High Sec Mining and Industry Corp looking for New Members or Allies

R.E.M. III Industries is looking for active miners and industry characters to help with our goals.

The corporation is very friendly to NEW players as well as old vets.

this is not a corporation that requires large mining operations or crazy time played.


We will soon have orca support to speed up mining and will be offering an ore buyback program for all of our miners.

We also hope to achieve a system of being able to produce our own ships and barges for our miners to fly at reduced cost to them to enhance their experience.

Contact me here or in game for further details.

Any Allies looking to have an industrial backing also contact me to set up contract deals with your corporation.

Richard send me a PM pls - I have an idea to help you :slight_smile:

Sjup o7

Just a reminder that we are still looking for new miners and Industrialists. We treat our own very well and have high hopes of success in the near future.

Anyone looking for a chill, relaxed corp to mine and chat, look into my indy corp. Message me in game

Just a daily Bump to get the word out to new pilots.

what structures do you guys have

Hey Rich. sent you a message in game.

What region are you based out of?

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