RAWRE Looking for miners and industrialists

Hello there.
We are a recently founded corporation with a focus on mining and industry here in EVE.

A few things we can offer:
Teach you the various aspects of mining, industry and some missionrunning and help you go grow in the game.
Ship Replacement Program of Ventures and standard Barges.
Mining fleets with boosts.
Access to library of Blueprints for research, invention and manufacturing of goods
Be a part of a growing corp where you can get the opportunity to help shape the future of the corp.
Learn how to fit for mission running, abyssal, mining, boosting etc.

If any of this sounds interesting drop in on our public channel RAWRE Public and have a chat with us there or join our discord server: Rapid Asteroid Wares Reprocessing .
We are active in both EUTZ and USTZ.
Best Regards
DjZaze Dybmose

Still looking for members