[HIGH SEC] TK seeks new and interesting players =)

Looking for members to join a corp. Im going to tell you how the corp came to be where it is now, and also my story that goes along with it. Then is a description of what I do with the corp to generate isk to operate our infrastructure. Also beware i am not going to answer operation specific questions if you convo me. Moving forward, the post will continue to describe what the corp is looking for and things you expect from corp life.

I helped found this corp in my first year of playing eveonline. I ended up inheriting it from what was effectively my mentor. I have always been an industrial fleet commander. My diplo skills were fleshed out in the early days from high sec war dec corps. Through my corps success, I wanted to join a null group. You already know the ending to this story. Moved to null… moved back from null 6 mos later. With the corp dead I began applying for indy director positions. Held a few positions and ultimately ended up in an ice mining corp. That corp ended up having a baby with a wh corp, that into a successful alliance. Spent time training newbies in the ancient art of pew pew… and whatever bidding my alliance had me do. I ended up being somewhat of a rep that would insert himself in blues corp and restructure blue operations to run more effectively and report back to Ally. Make recommendations of further engagements with blues. Got burned out and now I’ve been back about 3 months. My point is that I have a wide array of unique experience and have only perfected my craft and no longer want to work for part time players. I can provide infrastructure, and support that will be the base everything else grows from.

Tech Knights is primarily focused on the acquisition, manufacture, of capital components and structure consumables. In addition, all roads or career paths that lead to industry. Territory control, market involvement, and stat grinding. Also, growing corp from the bottom literally new roster of players. Please message in-game for more info. Or seek out our corp applications advertisements.

Just a piece of info, TK is going to dedicate a lot of time and effort into pvp, fitting, skill trees, and meta mechs.

Areas of Expansion:
PVP, Low Sec, WH

Type of players we are looking for:

A regular person who has some social obligations and work obligations. Someone who players more than 10 hrs per week. This individual should have enough knowledge of the game that; They already know how to make isk and have reasonably found an activity that said individual can farm for isk. There will be an elaborate rank system with a large time and service acknowledgement component.

Not Interested In:

People that want to hangout in a pub chat box. If you can not commit to join without strings, than this isn’t for you. If you are new clone within 5 mins and apply to my corp, this is not for you. If you don’t find eve an awesome game, this is not for you. Looking for friends to play world of war ships, this is not for you.


Skills- Those who are new to the game, there are a lot of skills that are not loaded into your pilot’s clone. Said skills are on the market for a price. The skills related to the industry of UPTO capital class skills, pilot’s can request assistance or reimbursed most times without petition. Corp will pay for most skills at no cost to the pilot. Upto 10m for ea skill.

Mining barges- If your a top tier participant of the ore buyback program, corp will replace as many tech I barges as you can lose, limits apply please seek clarification.

Industry services- fees associated with using local structures are reduced for our members.

PVP Fleets- Corp supplies weekly furnishings to blow up, all you need to do is show up!

Player experience and advice- Ol’ tales of yester year are plenty and abundant, join us and go down memory lane.

Positions Available

  • Miners
  • Mission runners
  • haulers
  • small gang fleet participants

Advanced positions available

  • Directors
  • Team leaders
  • Fuel Technicians
  • Etc.

If you convo me, First thing I will ask is if you have any questions.

Still looking for filling positions, great corp pretty much recommending it!

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How much is our buyback? as low as 1% in some cases.

Best regards, some time ago I was looking for a place where I could contribute to certain tasks in Eva. I spent a lot of time in the pve and a part in the pvp, but I haven’t adapted much to that. Lately I dedicate a lot to transport and I have the interest of learning something from the industry, the bad thing is that I am still Alpha Clone anyway, if I can contribute to your project as Alpha Clone I would like to receive more information. Good luck!

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I’d say as long as your willing to be creative, then there is a segment of eve alphas’ can enjoy. Sent in-game mail and corp invitation to this account. Please advise if other arrangements are applicable.

Do you have room for excel nerds and space truckers?

Really new to the game but I am really looking forward to delving into API queries, SQL scripting and analytical practices.

If trends continue I probably will be getting Omega, but going to reserve till I’m sure about the game.

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im going to be taking a class next semester! let’s spread some sheets together!

Where is the “I” in team?

I’m a miner freshly back to Eve from a long hiatus. I am looking for a corp where I can mine and make isk to turn into game time. Is your corp the right place for me?

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This sounds like a good place to start =)

So far this has been a very fun endeavor. Let’s spark the thrusters and warp into you joining the corp!

New Players should seek out a proper overview, This tool will save your tushy more times than you’ll be able to keep count of. We just held our first corp op in some time. Had a great time, we mined 500m in ores! Happy New Year from TK! Also participating members made 50 million in prizes!

So far members that have joined have received cold hard iskies flowing into the bank account. One new member received 50 million plus for various activities. Another has received his first capital component bpc’s, battleships, cruisers, and over 100 million in isk worth of orders to build things for Corp. Still in need of haulers to help keep up with corps rigorous market buying strategies. Mission runners have factions that not only do they run to raise their own standings, but the corps needs are clearly laid out in a way that makes your game play helpful and meaningful in the right ways. Join tech Knights and find your meaning.

Happy new year! It was a great one

Get back in that chair and you farm isk pleb! Happy New Year from TK,

New Years Resolutions?

Trade Markets can be a hot bed for enemy corp seeking in experienced pilots. =)

Seize the day

Carpe diem

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