Higher Space C5 / C5 Wormhole Corporation Recruiting

Higher Space C5 / C5 Wormhole

Contact: Shinleya Darkwing, Sloppy Biscuits, oleku Pellim

We are active throughout most of the day!

Join Discord or HiSpRecr in-game channel for a chat.

We Have:

  • C5 Combat Sites

  • Mining, Reprocessing, Planetary Interaction

  • Gas Huffing, Data / Relic Sites

  • Excellent mapping, new connections into K-Space every day!

  • Upcoming: small gang PvP & production

  • We have members from US, EU & Asia - We cover all time zones!

  • Comms are in English.

We want you! If you want to:

  • Help us grow and become a Core Member.
  • Know your way around in Wormholes, be self sufficient.
  • Be active on Discord.
  • Join SeAT for background check & doctrine planning.

Recruitment is Open!

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Recruitment is Open!

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