Growing Wormhole Corp - Higher Space (C5, Industry, PVP, etc.)

C5 PVE Content
We are currently operating in a C5 wormhole doing multiple daily crabbing sessions. Earn upwards of 250 mil isk per hour using our refined techniques, which we will be happy to teach you. As you grow with the group there will be opportunities for increased responsibilities if you choose, such as learning to FC and in time becoming an officer.

Wormhole PVP
We encounter PVP opportunities on a daily basis. We are looking for more active players to fill spots in formalized PVP fleets with established doctrines. Friendly to both shield and armor tank characters.

We have daily opportunities to join low sec roams, formal bashing and defense fleets on a regular basis, and daily connections to HS and LS.

We are in the process of building a fully fledged T3 industry system in wormhole space. We have buyers for plenty of product to be profitable. Join us in tackling some of the most challenging industry in the game!

Proud member of UNPRO - a HS/LS alliance in Gallente space. They provide us with an industry background, plenty of fleet content, PVP opportunities, and more. However, as a wormhole corp we are separate from their politics and obligations; we function within our own terms and rules.

If this all sounds good, join our Dischord and leave a message. Higher Space

Are you guys still in a C5?

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