GreasySpacemonkeys WH farming Corp


We are a small wormhole corporation and are looking for a few new members we wannalook up the pvp a bit more. We are most focused on farming and are pretty good at it in our c5s
We want to give new players the chance to visit Wormhole space and see if they like it ! if so, we can build up further with you!
Contact me or any member of our corp in our public channel Greasypub if you are interested or have questions!

What we have to offer
EU TZ playtime
Small, tight group
We can give you the chance to farm C5 isk in a safe way as much as you like
Plans for small scale pvp in the future
Industry if you want to

We require that you have discord :slight_smile:
Send me a mail, post here or hop in our PUB channel * Greasypub *

See ya !

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