C5/C5 PvP corp looking for Dank isk, Dank fights and Dank fun

Hello! We are Holy Hunters, A small wormhole corp looking for new recruits.

About the corp, We currently live in a C5 with c5. Our aim is to give a home to people interested in wormhole space, be one of the best if not the best wh corporation.We’re looking for pilots who would like to find a corporation for a long term goal.

The wormhole we live in is really good to make isk in wormholes. By making isk, it allows people to get injectors to be able to fly a lot of different ships as well as affording their ships. We moved in this wormhole because we wanted more teamwork, more isk making and in general, more fun.

We are a corporation who likes to have fun, make jokes and troll on comms but when there is a fight, we get serious and quiet because the only way to win is to have a comms discipline.

What you should expect when joining:

  • Real life over ingame

  • EU/US

  • Regular PVP fleets

  • A good group of people to get to know who you will have fun with and who will teach you wormhole mechanics such as
    fittings, rolling, scouting, etc.

  • Chances to make money

  • Buyback program for everything except ORE.

  • Help for hauling stuff during war decs.

  • Wanna scout to find kills? Go ahead. All the loot will be yours

  • Last but not least, Fun!

What we require from you:

  • No sp required.We’re looking for the right Mindset which is you wanna get better, you’re open for criticism to
    increase your pilot skills and your willing to join comms when you get on.

  • Communication programs like Discord and Teamspeak (Mainly Discord)

  • Full API key of all your characters

  • Training toward alliance doctrines

  • Regular activity (Log in 3/4days a week)

  • Looking for players that want to scan down the chain and Find the content .

You’ll have more chance to join if:

  • You have previous experiences in wormholes before

  • You multibox for scouting or/and pvp

Interested?Leave an email to “Kiven Foster”


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We’re looking for both EU/US to get dank fights. Cmon in. Let’s have some fun shall we?!

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Still looking for more friends to increase our family!

Contact me for farther questions!


We’re looking for more family members. Don’t wait and contact me so we can be bigger to have more fun!


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We’re looking for more people to have more fun and make some ships graveyard in wormhole space!




Still looking for more people to have more fun!