Holy Hunters | Late EU and US | C4 C3/C5 | Small Gang PvP

Holy Hunters is looking for pilots who are interested in doing PvP with some PVE on the side. We live in a C4 with C3/C5 which provides us good PVP and PVE content to all type of skill point players. Most of our fights will happen in J-Space but we’re willing to go in Low or Null if there is content in them. Join us and get on the thrill of finding who or what is on the other side of our statics!

Our goal as a corporation is to be able to fight ANY corporation in wormhole space what so ever and WIN ( after losing 1 T isk worth of ships to LZHW and HK OBVIOUSLY). To accomplish that, we are looking for pilots who are interested in learning PvP, doing it fairly everyday and enjoy it. The following sentences are our BOB’s commandments:

We shall always honor our words.
We shall never be dicks to anyone in New Eden ( always type " GF " ) .
We shall always take fights over krabbing.
We shall praise BOB at night before bed.

What does Holy Hunters offer:

۝ PVP Content

  • Weekly Low/Null roams
  • Rage Rolling Ops
  • Scouts get 100% of the loot from PvP Kills

۝ Pathfinder and Discord.
۝ Access to Citadels.
۝ Krabbing!

  • 200m/h with C3 Ratting and 200-400m/h for C5 ratting.
  • Buyback programs for Blue-loot and Salvage

۝ Multiple Prayers and Blessings for our lord and savior BOB.

Minimum Requirements for Application:

۝ Omega Account.
۝ Be on voice comms with a working microphone when online.
۝ A willingness to scan. Scanning is the path to content in WH’s.
۝ Experienced OR highly motivated PvP Pilot.
۝ Full ESI for ALL characters.
۝ Be self-sufficient.

Bonus if you have:

۝ Logistics 4 or 5.
۝ Capital skills .
۝ Pilots with 2 or more Omega accounts will receive preference.

Being a small corporation doesn’t mean being an inactive one. If you’d like to try wormhole space for your first time or you have experience in them, you can join : HolH Recruitment and talk with Kiven Foster or Sgt Sack Smash for further informations about us.


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