Highly structured Industrial Corp: ATTO-INDUSTRIALS

Calling all producers of New Eden, rookies and veterans alike. If you love the sound of minerals smelted together,
the whiff of exothermic reactions from moon meta materials, the vast beauty of planet colony networks, the feel of
the keyboard in your hands while crunching those spread sheets percentages, all in order to attain some of the best
engineering feats that reverberates through the trade hubs of New Eden, then this is for you.

  • Roles for haulers, producers, chemists (reaction), and planeteers.
  • corp stock market
  • Buy back for your products at fair prices.
  • Weekly engineering projects driven by a proprietary market research
  • Showing you the ropes and providing guidelines if needed.

We can’t wait to have you with us. Feel free to reach out to Carmine Salvatore for additional information.

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