Welcome to the Industry!

Welcome my friend, to a chance to forge your new destiny. The start of a new chapter in your journey through New Eden. A chapter full of adventure and capitalism. A corp guaranteed to return riches to all brave industrialist willing to facilitate the will of the nation and bring PVP to the markets!

We are looking for the Few, the Proud, The Industrialists to join our cause, If you are newer to the game and feel that industry is where your SP would be best spent, Our Crew is dedicated to helping build a corp of Planetary Interaction owners, Production Specialists, Scientists, and Miners and providing members with the skills and resources needed to keep the peace throughout New Eden through the invisible hand of the market.

If you are looking to join, please contact Lilith Badasaz. I will also be in charge of new player orientation so please contact either member ASAP in order to facilitate your initiation into the brotherhood.

You are Here, You are Home.

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