HiRes Screenshots (Wallpaper) of the Hel supercarrier (+skins) & Nidhoggur


I wanted to share my Hel screenshots in 2560/5120x1440.

Owning a Hel is one of my goals in Eve and since i still can’t afford one, i asked some people and finally got one to use on SiSi (testserver). It took quite a while to move and position the ships in a way that lighting etc looked good, but yet not all of them are the way i wanted them to be, but so far none of them are edited. I just have them all loaded as non-random 1 min delay slideshow, but if you want you can of course edit or crop them as you like, or just take the ones you like best. If you improve them, please be so kind sharing them back here, since i currently don’t have Photoshop or something similar installed.

But now without further ado, here is the link to my albums:
Hel & Nidhoggur
Hel Skins

Hope you like it


Entire gallery moved to flickr, deleted some rejects and split up the gallery into 2 albums.

Please tell me if you like it or hit the like button if you want me to shoot more background pictures.

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