HiSec Moon Mining Created Content for Me

Hostilities against any group of players, formal or informal, has never been considered harrassment in the past, so unless CCP wants to change their policy, this is firmly black and white, non-harassment even if you follow them from system to system.

There are some qualifications of course, CCP has been deliberately vague on what actually constitutes harrassment. Past precedent seems to be that any in-game, in-space actions are fine and you only run into trouble when any smacktalk or verbal taunting or antagonism goes beyond the context of the game, into real-world stuff.

A petition for clarification would give you a more definitive answer, GMs rarely weigh in in a forum thread like this.

I’m greatly enjoying this story, Xuixien, keep doing what you do. I’ll be munching popcorn over here in the corner. Oh and yes, scooping a citadel that doesn’t belong to you in highsec does make you a suspect, I found that one out myself not long ago.

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I spent 6 hours mining and smacking in local while bumping some noobs, plz read my blog

the absolute state of eve :roll_eyes:

various things qualify:

if i gank you and you move to a whole new region and i follow to gank you again and so on

also apparently if you kill someone enough in a span of time aswell, ive had several reports done on me about that

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That specific thing was about bumping. I guess otherwise every anti-ganker that follows some CODE. player around would be in violation of that.

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The absolute state of these forums now they let weak mewling babies in

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mmmmm, tasty Augmented Valks. Shame on their original owner for warping off without them. Those aren’t mere “ammo” drones, damnit!