HiSec Moon Mining Created Content for Me

I spent 6 hours mining and smacking in local while bumping some noobs, plz read my blog

the absolute state of eve :roll_eyes:

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various things qualify:

if i gank you and you move to a whole new region and i follow to gank you again and so on

also apparently if you kill someone enough in a span of time aswell, ive had several reports done on me about that

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That specific thing was about bumping. I guess otherwise every anti-ganker that follows some CODE. player around would be in violation of that.

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The absolute state of these forums now they let weak mewling babies in

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mmmmm, tasty Augmented Valks. Shame on their original owner for warping off without them. Those aren’t mere “ammo” drones, damnit!


Sorry for the lack of update guys. After the WarDec against their structure holding corp, they’ve been awfully quiet. I was in their system today and scouting around - they have a few drills actively pulling, but for the most part they seem inactive and the system is largely deserted.

There are, however, a few anchoring Athanors from a different corporation, so hopefully some content soon. :slight_smile:

One of the guy’s who tried to gank my Porpoise lost 2 billion ISK. Someone purchased the killright (for 250mil) and they popped his Charon and billion ISK pod.

In other news, I’ve been moving around the constellation. I have forced an entire 200 man alliance to shut down all their Athanors in an attempt to “starve me out”. The tears in Local were glorious.

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sure you have, youd have to be like the guy in my pocket running 70 procs, a noctis, freighter and orca combined with the 20 orca multiboxer and the 10 orc multiboxer we have. the guy with 70 procs can strip a moon belt down in a few hours.

pics or it didnt happen.

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Pics of what, or what didn’t happen?

The OP of this thread has no proof whatsoever to back up his outrageous claims, this whole fictional story is just an elaborate hoax to make CODE look like they’re Law abiding Citizens of New Eden.

Outrageous claims of… what?

Getting bumped?

What a great read that was!

Try a Tornado for bumping and fit a cloak.
The cloak serves as a hard break.
I’ve used this setup and it served me really well.

Your post is making me quite envious. :slight_smile:

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global war against CODE and those who buy permits when ?

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What system please? Space drama tourists wish to visit.

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