[HOLES] Holesale Operations [WH - PVP] 🦞


(Nykke) #1

Comrade Bhaalgorn n friends wild adventures in wh space

C2 - C6 & Null static

Join us and experience the full might of the lobster - Tired of known-space? Try the soothing sound of no local and the thrill of stalking the crap out of people. Need guidance? Enjoy the spiritual uplift of bob’s holy land, with a group of devoted believers in thy lord of J-space.

What we can offer you.

  • Devoted Bob believers - Purging heretics from the holy domain of Bob.

  • Large WH PVP OPS

  • Mercenary contracts/Evictions with share payouts based on participation (https://imgur.com/a/9nJuM4z)

  • Group and solo PvE

  • EU/US time zone activity

  • Best dedicated core group you will ever meet on eve that have played together for years. These dudes can help you out in more ways than you can imagine. also in general a great bunch of people to play other games with and the like.

What We Require:

  • English speaking.

  • Be on Teamspeak while online.

  • Full ESI for ALL characters.

  • Decent scanning skills and willingness to scan.

  • No sp requirement but if you can’t fly anything in our doctrine you are going to have a bad time. (our doctrines are streamlined around the Loki)

What we look for:

  • Ability to be self sustainable. We can teach you the ropes but you gotta catch the fish yourself. Farm holes, market pvp, ganking you name it someone in our group is doing it.

  • Able to fly Loki, Logi, Sleip and Leshak.

  • Dedicated Logi/Scanning/Sabre alts.

  • NO ■■■■-lords.

  • We are an eviction corp. We understand that real life comes first but if we are doing an op we expect you to be part of it if you are online and not farming your farm hole.

  • Ability to fly carrier or fax is a bonus.

We take in baby lobsters :lobster: if they are willing to learn and adapt to the corp and train into our doctrines.

Apply on our Discord: https://discord.gg/h7Ht5uX say !apply and follow the guide and a recruiter will get a hold of you. Also feel free to join our public channel “The Void Enclave” ingame and give us a praise bob!

The lobster is eternal. :lobster:

100M+ main, 3 alts 50-70M needs new home - EU timezone
(Ozymandias Sparious) #2

Praise Bob The Wormhole God!

(HeroHiro) #3

Still recruiting.
Join “The Void Enclave” in game chat.
Or pop by Discord.

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(Ozymandias Sparious) #7

Join Holesale!

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The lobster is eternal

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lobster lobster lobster

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The lobster is eternal

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:parrot::parrotbeer::parrotcop::parrotdad::parrotmustache::parrotsleep::parrotwave1::parrotwave2::parrotwave3::parrotwave4::parrotwave5::parrotwave6::parrotwave7::aussiecongaparrot::aussieparrot::aussiereversecongaparrot::bananaparrot::blondesassyparrot::bluescluesparrot::boredparrot::chillparrot::christmasparrot::coffeeparrot::confusedparrot::congaparrot::congapartyparrot::darkbeerparrot::dealwithitparrot::dreidelparrot::explodyparrot: lobster party time

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join the lobster today

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