[WH-MERC] HOLES: Holesale Operations - [HOLES] 🦞


(Nykke) #1

Comrade Bhaalgorn n friends wild adventures in wh space

  • Devoted Bob believers - Purging heretics from the holy domain of bob.
  • Feel a strong connection to bob in a certain system and want to make it your own? PRAISE BOB - We can help!
  • You have a hostile Fleet in your system and need help?

Damn you are lucky!

Your Hole matters. To us

Pay us like the dirty Hookers we are and we get rid of your problem!

Contract Managers: Nykke,

Our Discord

Verified MERC by “MERC CONTRACTS” Ingame channel

:parrotwave2: :parrotwave2: :parrotwave2: :parrotwave2: :parrotwave2: :parrotwave2: :parrotwave2: :parrotwave2: :parrotwave2: :parrotwave2: :parrotwave2: :parrotwave2: :parrotwave2: :parrotwave2: :parrotwave2: :parrotwave2:

[SERVICE] Jspace Brokerage
(Tzuko1) #2

Very good and effective group, would use them again anytime! \o/

(Ozymandias Sparious) #3


(Mitch Taylor) #4

great guys!

(Nykke) #5


(Yaosus) #6

VMG/Yaosus says hi :slight_smile:

(Nykke) #7

Praise bob!

(Nykke) #8


(Natural CloneKiller) #9

Was good to see you guys at amsterdam. See you in game!

(Ozymandias Sparious) #10

Praise BoB!

(Ozymandias Sparious) #11

Praise Bob!

(Nykke) #12

Praise bob

(Nykke) #13

pissst we are still here

Looking To hire Mercenary Corporation
(Nykke) #14


(tainted demon) #15

That is a good looking LOBstar you guys have n1

(Natural CloneKiller) #16

Bump for some excellent friends we shared a beer with in amsterdam.

They are not bad at evictions as well!

(Savoycabbage) #17

^^ I’ll echo this. Great guys and damn good at WH evictions

(Whorizon) #18

Excellent contractors! Fixed our “problem” on time and under budget! Impressive to watch them work.

(Tora Bushido) #19

Can you also be hired to go after evil bad men in high-sec?

(Nykke) #20

only if these evil bad men would fight drakes :parrotwave2: