[SERVICE] White Partyhat Sig Brokerage


At the time of seeding most all systems were devoid of inhabitants, some may still contain structures, however you will be made aware of this during negotiations. We cannot detect or prevent third party seeds in any holes we have gained access to, though rare this is a possible risk.

Our preferred process for sales, is half for the static location and half for us to leave. We will not reenter your system until the transaction is complete, which we consider to be; whenever all current statics have been rolled or enough time has passed for them to have collapsed naturally. Some of our sellers are also PVP pilots, so please understand that after the transaction has been completed, we return to NBSI rules.

Due to the nature of what we are selling, we do not offer refunds post static disclosure, so be sure that you wish to go through with the purchase before obtaining the static location.

To get started, click the following link and fillout the form, then click the banner below and get in touch with us on our discord.


Prior service post: [SERVICE] Jspace Brokerage is to be considered out of date and no longer active.


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