[Services] Wormhole Service, Buy and sell, 3rd party and more

Have you dreamed of having your very our piece of J-space? Or have you grown tired of your current system and want to start fresh someplace else? We at Wincapita are the answer for your problems and we are back. Our mission statement is to get as many people as possible to live or try J-space, and we have multiple ways to help achieve this goal.

We are starting our wormhole service back up and decided to expand our profile a bit. In short Wincapita specializes in bying and selling Wormhole system, preferring stuctured ones as this is a way to get people set up faster and anchoring systems can be scary for new players. I love bullet points, and you should too so here are few of them

  • We buy systems with structures, send me a mail in game with fit and the system it is in and I will give you a quote.

  • We sell systems, all kinds. Inventory varies and we also scout systems. Send me a mail in game With preferred system, and if you want some structures in them or not. Occasionally with good system we do post in the sales channel

  • As stated before. if you are looking for a system let us know, we scout a lot of chains daily so let us know what you want. We do not charge anything unless we find your system

  • Now that we have been operating for few months again have satisfied customers we are confident that our reputation should speak for itself and are open to acting as third party in hole transactions. Contact me through in game mail and let’s close that deal. We might help with other deals as well, but as this is our main focus all the Wormhole activities take priority.

Fly safe, and don’t be a stranger, in all likelihood whatever it is that you need concerning J-space we can help, just send a mail and let’s talk

Few more satisfied customers, maybe you are next :slight_smile:

Still at it, mail me :slight_smile:

Bumbing, Great C2 with C1/HS statics ready, for pi and reactions you can’t do much better

Still in business

Still. Bumb

Still bumbimg

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