[SERVICE] White Partyhat Sig Brokerage

Submit your request form, and I’ll contact you when I find something you’d be interested in. The exchange will be same as always, half the price upfront for the disclosure of the static and the other half for the removal of my seeds. You’re welcome to join the discord and I’m more than happy to jump into coms for any questions or negotiations, linked below.

White Partyhat Sig Brokerage banner

I’d also like to temper peoples expectations, I do not currently have any corp mates to do this with anymore, so the speed of the service is a shadow of it’s former self. I’m essentially starting from scratch again. Meaning the systems I find and contact you with, are more than likely going to be systems that I have stumbled upon during my exploration runs. That said, I will usually scan out a couple of chains a day


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