Homeless corp in search of loving family

So my tiny one woman corporation is looking to move out to nullsec away from the ice hording BOTS. I’m always recruiting but it is challenging since trusting people can be difficult. I’m just looking for a small slice of null sec space I can set up shop to mine and build with relative ease. If you are or know someone who can help me out message me in Eve. Thanks :grin:

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If your a one woman corp, drop the corp and go in to the recruitment section… you’ll easy find a null sec corp that whants a builder/industrialist.

Hey, over in ECHO we have a mostly untouched ice belt in null. It is null, so we do have pvp and miners will lose ships now and then - so keep that in mind if you’re coming straight from highsec. Otherwise feel free to look at coming in as part of our corp or approaching the alliance. They prefer larger pvp corps but if you make fuel blocks and offer a deal - might work something out.


We should chat. I think we could help each other.

I’ll eve-mail you.


Alt o7

Hi will contact you in game with some options.

Hi there

Well I get you wanna keep your Corp, but if you think options, maybe a options is joining a Corp already set in null, which space for pvp/pve/mining etc.
As part of alliance and coalition we have good backup should things go wrong.
If you think this may work then join https://discord.gg/acZzdc for a chat and chat options m
Fly safe o/

Ladies and Gentlemen, I appreciate the invites and recommendations, but I’m afraid the position of foster alliance has been filled. I thank you all for your kind invites for this redheaded stepchild of a corporation. Have a nice day and Fly safe!

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