HORNGRY | Gal Mil FW | Mercenaries |

Are you HORNGRY, if so satiate that desire with some great FW PVP action.

Horngry | Corporation | zKillboard

Perks include:

Access to great PVP with a target rich environment. an all you can eat Squid Buffet available 24/7.

Corp Ships for Fleet PVP

Spread your HORNGRY all over New Eden and get paid to pew pew with frequent mercenary work alongside our alliance friends in Noir.

No paps, real life keeping you tied down, don’t worry we will still be Horngry when you come back.

Other not so bloody options include:

Industry options like a T2 rigged Tatara and a faction rigged Sotiyo for producing all you can dream of. Get stuck up in some moon goo.

Industry Alt Corp for going full on manic miner.

Second largest Lowsec market, the other kind of PVP.

Free JF Service, for whatever you need from Jita in jiffy.

Active Discord, post your day away.

TLDR; do you like to shoot ■■■■ and have some delectable fun join HORNGRY TODAY.


10 million SP recommended

PVP Focused



Bump it flip it and reverse it that’s how we work it.

Bump we are still Horngry for new recruits.

Still Horngry for Recruits, blow stuff up try the mercenary life

Still can’t satiate the HORNGER, try joining HORNGRY today!

Still looking for some quick and nonstop PVP try to fix that by becoming HORNGRY today!

bump it to the top and don’t stop

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