(House Haethon) Seeking Miners and Much More!

Welcome to House Haethon, where the galaxy is within our reach. Across all clusters, we seek to learn and to grow together. We mainly come from Amarr backgrounds, but that is not a requirement. We have begun as three friends and have quickly begun to grow from that. We are looking for active and like-minded individuals to continue to foster our project into a well-resourced and established corporation. At the time of posting, we a small group bound together by big dreams. Will you join us?

(This is what we can currently offer our members. Help us to expand this list!)

  • Supportive, sociable, close knit community seeking active additions to the family
  • Mentor-oriented atmosphere, learning environment with fun as a focus
  • Boosted and defended mining expeditions
  • Ore, ice, and moon mining opportunity w/ buyback program
  • Mentor-oriented atmosphere, learning environment with fun as a focus
  • Staging point for many roles and interests (From mining, industry, and hauling to PvE and PvP interests - we have a home for you!)
  • New pilot friendly

If you are new, come and learn the ropes alongside us!

If you are an experienced player, come and teach us!

We seek to create a mentor community from grassroots, and to pave forward unto glory! Create something new and something special with us, and make a new home for yourself among the stars.


  • Discord (mic not required)

Haethon, CEO
Amiria Haethon, COO
Reken Girard, CSO

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