House of Harlots - PvE and Indy Corp - Recruiting Now - Newbies Welcome!

Whorella’s House of Harlots is a High/Low Sec Training corporation with a focus on PvE and Industrial activities. We do PvP on occasion too for those that are interested.

We are a group of mature and casual players who want to hang out, have fun, and earn some ISK. Real life always comes first, and we welcome everyone - new or experienced, young or old, PvE or PvP. Come join us!

We have very few rules or requirements - we do not have required activity level, ops or call-to-arms. We do however run mining and mission ops that you are more than welcome to take part in.

All of our members are free to do what they want and participate with the corp as little or as much as they want.

The only requirements we do have are:

  • Be nice, friendly, and mature and most of all respectful
  • English-speaking

Benefits to corp members:

  • 5% corp tax
  • Access to free corp ships when you join any ops
  • Buyback programs for most things - ore, ice, PI materials, gas, and salvage
  • Many very experienced players always willing to help out and teach
  • A relaxed and mature environment to enjoy the game in
  • Mission running support
  • PvP Training with ships included
  • Freighter / Logistics Service
  • Access to Discord for comms and good banter!

Interested? Join -WHOH Recruitment to talk to someone, or send an application with some basic info - what do you like to do, what are you looking for in a corp?

Chat to us on Discord -


What time zone do you mostly operate in?


Dont forget to come and have a chat with us on discord!

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