Indy newbie looking for Indy Corp


I’m an Indy newb - I have an orca/miner and a second mining toon as well to use, I’m pretty much brand new at Indy and looking to start with a group either in HS or LS.

I’m learning from the ground up on Indy so you’ll be pulling me up by the boot straps - but I plan to add more accounts as needed depending on how the venture goes.

I’m looking for decently active, and highly sociable.


Social infrastructure mite be a fit for you! We are supper new player friendly. We operate in high, but mainly low. We are getting our mining operations in place, and all ready do a bunch of gas mining. We do quite a bit of pvp, so we are ready to defend our operations.

If you interested or have more questions contact Tytus Kyle in game or on our alliance discord

This is a link to our forum post that has even more info.

Hey there Belcrosse,

Great to see new players coming into the game, I am with ISK.Industries
We offer:

NewBro Onboarding Program
Daily Moon mining ops
100% BuyBack on all your Ore, Moon Goo, and Mins
Lvl 4 missions when you want to hop in for a different experience
Help from people who have been in Eve since the beginning

We would be more than happy to help you learn as you go, and answer any questions you may have. You feel like learning more message me in-game or pop into our DS and we can chat there.

Fly safe

Hi Belcrosse_VI,

Masters of Coin is a newbie-friendly corporation focused on industry, mining, and PVE.
We belong to the alliance WE FORM BL0B. BL0B is the sister alliance to WE FORM V0LTA, one of the most feared PVP alliances in all of New Eden.

When you join our team you will have access to 34 null-sec star systems to mine, explore, rat, and fight to your heart’s content. We’re primarily based in the region of Deklein. By using our jump bridges, you’ll be a stone’s throw from Jita, the main trade hub.

We have regular moon mining operations, some of the best ratting space in the game, and alliance pvp fleets run by veteren fleet commanders. As part of our team, you can make boatloads of isk out in null.

Most importantly, we have many people online at all hours. Experienced pilots who can answer any questions you have, and help you grow in this game. We have an active discord filled with resources, where we share in-game knowledge and hang out.

If you are interested in joining us, please let me know.

Alternatively, here is your personal invite to our Discord where we would be happy to answer any and all of your questions.

Fly safe o7

Warm Regards,
Endapuper Minmatar

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