House of the Black Goat - NullSec/PVP/INDY - USTZ/EUTZ

House of the Black Goat is a PvP focus corp looking for active players of all types to join our ranks. We live in NpcNull.

What We Offer:

  • PVP - NullSec LowSec small fleet roams
  • Indy - Manufacturing - Inventions - Research - Reactions
  • Moon Mining - NpcNull
  • PVE - Ratting - Missions - Exploration
  • Ore, Loot, Salvageand PI Buy Back Program
  • Friendly tight-knit group

What We Require:

  • Be active in game and with the Corp
  • Working microphone, access to Discord. Be on comms.
  • Act maturely and respect fellow Corp & Alliance members

How To Apply:

Come talk with us on our Discord or in our public channel in game .HoTBG Recruitment

Come talk to us we are still open for recruitment

LowSec and NullSec PvP several nights a week

Newbro friendly come talk with us.

Recruitment open. Come have a conversation.

Looking for active pvpers

Join us for some PvP fun.

Out for some PvP fun with our Alliance.

Still open for recruitment come join the fun. :slight_smile:

Looking for active pvpers

Recruitment is open.

Come speak with us on Discord

Still open for recruitment.

Low-Sec and Null-Sec PvP several nights a week :slight_smile: come join the fun

Getting ready for a big weekend of PVP.

Out for some PvP fun

Come join the fun still open for recruitment pvp/pve :slight_smile:

Join us for some moon mining.

Come join the fun!

Come join us for some pvp action.