Null Sec Corp Looking for Active/Casual PVP-Indy Pilots-Military Vets Welcome {ALL TZ}

A small tight group of friends and family living in nullsec. Dedicated to have fun with our small gang roams or other activities in game. We take Real Life serious and we care about the well being of our small in game family.

Mainly composed of Military Veterans but also have fathers, brothers, sons and hard working people in our corp. Our primary TZ is Central US but as an alliance we always have people online 24/7 since we are composed from all TZ’s. This doesnt stop us from recruiting anyone from outside our TZ.

We have ways for you to make isk, via ratting, mining, exploring or salvaging. Our buy back program will ensure you get paid from whatever activities you enjoy the most. Also we have Moon Operations where you can either sell what you mine or keep it with a small tax fee. This way all bills are paid and you pocket isk for yourself.

Our main focus is to grow as a small gang corporation with a mentality of guerrilla warfare and make everyone either hate us and run in fear or actually give us a fight, as long we all have fun in game and that’s all it matters.

What we provide:

  • :spades: RL first attitude
  • :spades:JF services
  • :spades: Small Gang PVP, Hot Drops, Gate Camps, Black Ops
  • :spades: PvP roams and target hunting
  • :spades: SubCap Daily Fleets
  • :spades: Capital PvP
  • :spades: US/EU/AU/CH TZs.
  • :spades: Moon Mining Operations

Our requirements:

  • :spades: 10m skill points and/or ability to fly Cloaky ships.
  • :spades: Drama free attitude and positive mentality even in defeat.
  • :spades: Be in comms and participate in fleets.
  • :spades: Be cooperative with your team and specially with yourself

Come join us today and make yourself part of our history!

Join us today!!

Would you like to know more?? Join our in game channel MDLAB Lounge

You can contact us via discord - poke Admiral Kroma#6924 (US).

Admiral Kroma (USMC Ret Vet)

Directors and Recruiters:
Fuglife (US) Bamboula Mamaduo (US)

Recruitment Video MDLAB
In Game Channel: MDLAB Lounge![MDLAB%202|690x388]


Cool group of guys, great to fly with :+1:

Saw your face and I had to say hi Mundi. Free bump!


Bump!!! Recruitment is open for all USTZ and EUTZ

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I’ve heard this guy is quite touchy feely​:point_up_2:t2::point_up_2:t2::point_up_2:t2::point_up_2:t2:

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All pilots welcome!!!

i can not poke Admiral Kroma#6924 in discord so what now?

Recruiting all PVP Pilots for USTZ and EUTZ!!


Recruiting PVP Pilots!!!

Bump, good Corp. A lot of Fun here, come join us :slight_smile:

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