How about that character select background

That’s pretty cool. Is there, or can we have, a clean high-res wallpaper version of that to play with?

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Turns out that TriExporter still works, so here it is!

Straight Extracted:

With the Eve Logo Placed like it is in the character selection screen:


I dubbed it the “Dame Edna Object”

Still scouting for it, where did they put it.

Billy pointed at the screen and yelled “BEWBS”

So I sedated him

With a shoe

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Good work. Hope the shoe’s OK.

Tell Billy it actually appears to be a stylized infinity symbol, perhaps to symbolize all the “work” they’ve put into “EVE Forever”.

CCP, little tip for you: all the monuments, devblogs, CEO interviews and flashy splashpages in the world won’t make EVE ‘forever’. You’re gonna need to stop dicking around with whatever “hot new thing” Hilmar notices (5 years after it’s actually ‘new’) and put some real effort into EVE.

Otherwise you might as well switch the marketing blurb to “EVE: It coulda been a contender!”.


Billy, oh Billy …




It’s not the first time they’ve used that symbol:

when space was still a dark place, without flying ponies


Thanks, I made an AI upscaled 3440x1440 version here:

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I like some of the colors and sounds of the new infinity bra. I little too much pink once again… someone has a heavy hand on those tones and needs to remember your customer base tbh.

The older one… like most things in eve were much better.

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I like pink.

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Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Pink is awesome, but I am a sucker for all bright saturated colors. Probably why I have spent more on ship skins that hardly anyone else will ever see than I have on the ships they go on lol.

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