How are capsuleers recruited?

Or made etc.

Are capsuleers just created to be capsuleers, or did they go through the equivalent of military academy or something?
Followup question would be how capsuleers are concieved. Yes they have infinite clones but the first one had to be created somehow.

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Capsuleers are training in 99% of cases, at one point an exceptional intelligence, physical fitness, and genetic standards were required as well(this of course could be bypassed with the proper application of money to appropriate individuals). Capsuleers are generally recruited after being screened for capsule compatibility, which previously was very rare. With the advent of Alpha Clone tech compatibility became much more widely viable, and much cheaper.

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See the answer to question #2 in the FAQ pinned at the top of this section.

People with the genetic qualifications to become capsuleers usually go through one of the capsuleer schools. All player characters apparently fall into this category.

There are also ‘Rogue Cloning Facility’ sites in space which indicate that there are alternative routes to the pod.


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