How can i make backup of game?

How can I make a backup of the game in steam? Steam is only a launcher.
Maybe there is another way to transfer the game to another computer?
For example, pack a game folder into the archive and unpack it in the same folder on another computer?

You’d have to install something regardless if the other computer doesnt have either.
Just download the .exe launcher from Eve Onlines website and run that way.
Direct download and so much easier.

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You can download the game installation from CCP and never bother with steam.And you can install it on as many pc as you like since your game progress is stored by CCP


that is, can I go through a regular launcher to a Steam account?
and more - I want to transfer the inru to where it can not be skipped in such a volume.
the question was - how to move the game? but there was no question how to download it.

That’s easy.

When you install a game, there’s a window that tells you the location of your Steam directory. In that Steam directory, there’s another directory called steamapps, then common. In “common” you’ll find all your games.

You’re welcome.

Yes; you can use the EVE launcher to login to EVE with a STEAM created account; there are a few things you’d need to do first though, Setting an account name for Accounts created through STEAM

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