How much am I worth. 355mil SP

Thinking about selling this character but unsure if someone has sold a 355mil character before. Just testing the waters to see what offers come around. Click here for skill sheet.


What are you expecting?

I don’t know that’s why I was asking. This character has been AFK training for a while to get to this level.

i would offer 295 bil for it if you are serious about selling

your worth 355 bill at least.

if you say so, why don’t you put in a real bid :slight_smile: how much a character is worth is how much buyers are welling to pay for… REAL BUYERS not SPECULATORS

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Just want to let you know, poor salty man does not count into REAL BUYERS.

@Pursuit_of_Light who are you refering to as “poor salty man”? if that’s me, you should definitely check out some of the recent auctions that i won and closed. Was worth more than this… how much do you have in your wallet? lmao :slight_smile:

Not sure the size of your video game wallet is what he meant by poor salty man…

Lol 295 was an adorable lowball though props xD

I can offer around 320-340b for it. I will think about it in a few days and let you know my final decision. It is too hard to sell for such a high valuable character. It costs too much. If you decided your price, please let me know.

340b offered

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