How much $ to pilot carrier effectively with day1 character?

I was asked by a potential new player this question, he wants to pilot capital ships, but he doesn’t want to wait years to train them. He wants it now.

Anyone knows how much $ will he need to pay for PLEX and other products to get enough ISK to skill inject all the relevant skills to at least level 4 and buy one fully fitted?

I know it is horrible idea and I dissuaded the player from it. But I am curious myself.

Someone maybe able to tell you each step but real world $ to ingame items is NOT allowed

A barebones focused carrier pilot will be about 14M SP. You start with around 500k on a new character and can get 1M free with the refferal so it would be about 33 Skill injectors taking into account the SP loss after 5M SP. At current prices this is 28B - 30B depending on if you use buy orders or get them from sell orders. Then your looking at probably another 5B for the carrier plus fitting so you’ll need about 35B worth of plex which is around 7.5K plex. So just add the cost of the 6k plex package and the 1.5k plex package to get the cost in your local currency.

A more cost efficient way to do it would be to buy a character off the character bazar which matches your needs


Its the opposite of what you are thinking. Basically they wanna know how much plex to buy with real money to skill up a character.

I agree with the above poster, buying a character may be a cheaper option

I suppose there is also a price for skillbooks, but that won’t change the outcome much.

That is far cheaper than I though actually. Thank you.

Don’t forget you need at least one other Omega account to fly recon cynos to be able to move your carrier, could be even more skillpoints needed for this. But it’s a terrible idea, also carriers are useless right now in the game.

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Does the ‘new player’ realise what kind of game EVE is?

And that, even if they manage to spend enough money to buy the skills and ship for their new character, they’ll need a long time to learn how to not lose their carrier by the simplest of mistakes?

And that they need to also keep in mind how much a few dozen replacement carriers will cost them if that’s the ship they want to learn how to play in?

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Hello, what is the name of the player, and which system he wants to fly his capital ship in?

It would be few thousands including the skills btw.

And few years of learning EVE, but he is not willing to pay that price, so he will pay … differently.


The player just told me on discord he thought about trying EVE too (he saw EVE Online under my status) and that he would like to fly big ships.

I already dissuaded him, but we talked about this and I was curious myself.


Counterintuitively the PvP progression in EvE is often a curve, where players go back to mainly flying smaller ships in their “endgame” because they are more versatile, price efficient, and fun to fly.

It’s part of the “rock paper scissor” formula of EvE balance where everything small and big needs to permanently coexist in one universe. Bigger then primarily means slower, and susceptible to getting blobbed if not flown in the right setup/fleet.


Well, a Carrier is a rather small capital ship. Why not start with a Titan, if money doesn’t matter?
Just kidding…
Chimera (Carrier) vs Avatar (Titan)

Be aware all the weapons and supporting skills have to be skilled properly, too. Also you need skillbooks at first, that’s correct. A mere Carrier skillbook is 550m ISK (not including any skillbook you need to to train in advance to be able to start skilling Carriers), a Titan skillbook is 6b ISK.

It’s also a matter of fleet size. The US Navy doesn’t send any Carriers without escort either, no matter how powerful the carrier is. So Veterans tend to train different chars for different tasks. Sometimes a carrier is important, but if there’s no threat, sitting in a capital ship is dull, for any decision takes minutes to be executed.

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