WTB Blank Starter Carrier pilot

Looking for a blank Carrier pilot who can fly any race .

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Daily bump would be tomorrow, not 20 min later.

oh sorry wasnt aware of that

Me - Started training this toon and have all the skill books plugged in. Might be what you’re looking for? Might not?

yep sure i will check it out and let you know

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/NyxSon was already linked but here it is

As a lot of stuff is untrained i would say round 2b thats what i would pay for it

Could part for 9bil

would you do 2b for this toon?

Um not sure if you’re new to this or deliberately low balling. Skill books alone are 1.5bil. I’m not in any rush to sell and price remains the same.

Thanks will consider your offer

Based on your SP, id only pay 5B if I was looking for another toon…

Since sales are done pertaining to current SP, and not untrained skills etc.

Thanks for your input.

Like I said, I was willing to part with it for 9bil, not what its worth.

2bil is still very unreasonable.

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Daily Bump

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