How To Find Out The Acquisition Method of a SKIN?

Let’s say I saw a ship SKIN in the market and it is very expensive, for example, the Navitas Combat Medic Section SKIN. I am wondering where do people get this SKIN, if they don’t buy it from the market. Is there any tool or website that I can check the acquisition method (such as from LP Store, from NES, or from other specific ways) of a certain ship SKIN? To be specific, anyone knows how do I get the Combat Medic Section SKINs for logistics ships?

If you dont see it as an option when looking at the SKINs for the ships, then they were either 1 time available, put in packs, or anniversary type. There for a while several years ago, CCP would release new skins to purchase every few weeks or monthly

Hm… thats an idea. There SHOULD be a catalog that details that somewhere.

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