Huge Skin Sale - New Skins Added

Big Skin Sale!

I have these in stock and am looking to sell them. I am open to reasonable offers, but this is not a fire sale.

Format is: name - quantity - price

Aeon Eros Blossom SKIN 1 5
Aeon Headhunter SKIN 1 3.3
Apostle Headhunter SKIN 1 3
Apostle Lavacore Imperial SKIN 1 1.25
Archon Tash-Murkon SKIN 2 1.25
Avatar Crown and Swords SKIN 1 3.25
Avatar Eros Blossom SKIN 1 15
Avatar Lavacore Imperial SKIN 2 2
Basilisk Steel Cardinal SKIN 1 1.2
Cerberus Octopus Red Flight SKIN 2 1.5
Damnation Malagrin Marshlight SKIN 1 2.5
Enforcer DED ‘Alpha Plus’ Taskforce SKIN 1 750
Erebus Caille Neon SKIN 1 1.5
Erebus Headhunter SKIN 1 7
Erebus Yoiul Star SKIN 1 3
Falcon Steel Cardinal SKIN 2 700
Garmur Redclaw Sable SKIN 1 500
Guardian Star Captain SKIN 1 1
Hel Bloody Hands SKIN 1 1.4
Hel Malagrin Marshlight SKIN 1 1
Hel Yoiul Star SKIN 1 2
Hulk Lodestrike SKIN 4 250
Leshak Metamateria Exotica SKIN 1 1
Leviathan Matigu Seabeast SKIN 1 3
Minokawa Yoiul Festival YC121 SKIN 1 10.5
Minokawa Yoiul Star SKIN 1 1.5
Muninn Yoiul Star SKIN 1 750
Naglfar Malagrin Marshlight SKIN 1 3.5
Nyx Malagrin Marshlight SKIN 1 3
Paladin Blood Raiders SKIN 1 540
Ragnarok Tronhadar Ink SKIN 1 1
Revelation Lavacore Imperial SKIN 1 2.5
Revelation Yoiul Star SKIN 1 3
Vanquisher IGC SKIN 1 2
Vedmak Metamateria Exotica SKIN 1 5
Hel Chainbreaker Khumaak SKIN 1 2.5
Hel Firewall Breach SKIN 1 5.25
Hel Valklear Glory SKIN 1 1.5
Hel Yoiul Star SKIN 1 1.5

Are the Falcon and Garmur skins priced in the millions or billions?


please send the Avatar and Bhaalgorn Malagrin Marshlight and the Rhea Raata Sunset to Electric Worry

Ok, will contract shortly

Contracts (2) are up

Updated list and prices

Help! Buy my skins. I married an ugly woman and isk is the only thing that brings joy to my life!

Lots of skins, take a look

Bump to the top. Make me an offer.

Got lots for sale. Take a look.

Don’t get caught looking like a space poor. Buy some skins today!

Leviticus 69 says: Goeth forth and always be baller in your sexy new skins so sayeth the Lord. Amen.”

Come get them skins!

I got em, you want em. Let’s meet in a dark alley and do some business.

New Skins Added

Price drops. Inventory Updated

2.5 for avatar crown and swords?

No thanks, that’s Jita Buy. I’d go 2.8

Split the difference at 2.75?