Skins for Sale

(Valkaerion) #1

Wanted to keep these skins to gain a profit in the long term but need the ISK. Selling at competative prices under current market prices.

SKIN Update Price as of 15/09/17 @ 17:26
Hel Firewall Breach SKIN - 4.5 Bil
Naglfar Firewall Breach SKIN - 4.5 Bil

Chimera Kairola’s SKIN - 4 Bil

Caracal IGC SKIN - 280 Mil
Daredevil IGC SKIN- 700 Mil
Vanquisher IGC SKIN - 1.2 Bil
Vehement IGC SKIN - 2 Bil
Vendetta IGC SKIN - 2.2 Bil
Vigilant IGC SKIN - 600 Mil
Vindicator IGC SKIN - 900 Mil
Violator IGC SKIN - 200 Mil

Saphire Sungrazer SKIN Set:
Brutix Navy Issue - 600 Mil
Dominix Navy Issue - 900 Mil
Exequror Navy Issue - 500 Mil
Federation Navy Comet - 500 Mil
Maulus Navy Issue - 300 Mil
Megathrone Navy Issue - 1.1 Bil
Vexor Navy Issue - 600 Mil (Sold)

Anyone interested in buying all SKIN’s I can do a better deal.

All above SKINs - 25 Bil, a saving of 3.88 Bil

Message in game or here, thanks


(Gerald Mardiska) #2

Vexor navy issue skin on contract to me please.

(Valkaerion) #3

Currently at work, I will send contract at approx. 15:00 server time.


(Valkaerion) #4

Price Update*

(Eddie Pilosa) #5

Hel Firewall Breach SKIN Please
Contract it to me ingame.

(Valkaerion) #6

Ok will do

(Hoff Harasselhoff) #7

Hey @Valkaerion

I Evemailed you and am also replying here just in case you don’t get it.

I’ll take the Naglfar Firewall Breach skin please.

Contract to Hoff Harasselhoff.


(Deepfry Audeles) #8

Is this list still up to date?

(system) #9

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