Skins for Sale

Wanted to keep these skins to gain a profit in the long term but need the ISK. Selling at competative prices under current market prices.

SKIN Update Price as of 15/09/17 @ 17:26
Hel Firewall Breach SKIN - 4.5 Bil
Naglfar Firewall Breach SKIN - 4.5 Bil

Chimera Kairola’s SKIN - 4 Bil

Caracal IGC SKIN - 280 Mil
Daredevil IGC SKIN- 700 Mil
Vanquisher IGC SKIN - 1.2 Bil
Vehement IGC SKIN - 2 Bil
Vendetta IGC SKIN - 2.2 Bil
Vigilant IGC SKIN - 600 Mil
Vindicator IGC SKIN - 900 Mil
Violator IGC SKIN - 200 Mil

Saphire Sungrazer SKIN Set:
Brutix Navy Issue - 600 Mil
Dominix Navy Issue - 900 Mil
Exequror Navy Issue - 500 Mil
Federation Navy Comet - 500 Mil
Maulus Navy Issue - 300 Mil
Megathrone Navy Issue - 1.1 Bil
Vexor Navy Issue - 600 Mil (Sold)

Anyone interested in buying all SKIN’s I can do a better deal.

All above SKINs - 25 Bil, a saving of 3.88 Bil

Message in game or here, thanks


Vexor navy issue skin on contract to me please.

Currently at work, I will send contract at approx. 15:00 server time.


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Price Update*

Hel Firewall Breach SKIN Please
Contract it to me ingame.

Ok will do

Hey @Valkaerion

I Evemailed you and am also replying here just in case you don’t get it.

I’ll take the Naglfar Firewall Breach skin please.

Contract to Hoff Harasselhoff.


Is this list still up to date?

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