WTS Skins

Looking to sell preferably as a bundle or bundled ships but im open to offers

I’m just curious, but how much would it be to get just the corax skin?

I’d be interested in the Naga/Drake/Corax as a pack. Also how much for the blackfire Vedmak/Drekvac pack?

Honestly im not too fussed throw a reasonable number for them and we can see :grin:

Well, the Corax Guristas skin isn’t showing up on eve marketer rn(i currently can’t log in to check contract prices for it) so I’m gonna ask: above or below 10 mil?

I think those ones are the 30 day ones

Which ones are 30 day skins?

There are not 30 day skins there. eve marketeer is kind of broken atm using eve tycoon is probably best

On eve tycoon, it looks like there are sell orders on the Corax Guristas skin for 62 mil, and buy orders for 10 mil

interested in the gloem headhunter… pm me with price mate… cheers

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