WTS Guristas Victory Skin and Hematos

Contract is up in Jita for 6.5bil for the Guristas Victory Skin.

Also have a Hematos if anyone is interested make me a realistic offer.

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I just wanted the rattlesnake victory edition :frowning: not a damn skin (Same thing I know, but the victory edition was a epic bait machine).

I’m getting tired of bumping this, if you have offers and aren’t trying to scam send evemail to or convo this account.

Its a good collectible that will never be seeded again. Like art… it can only go up in prices!
I have two of them one injected and one laying around… and its a keeper along with the other victory skins =)

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Ahh, I see you also hoard unique eve items. Its not for everyone.

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19 days left on the contract, be a shame to see this sit in my hanger for another 5 years.

5 days left

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