Have 1x Serpentis Victory Skin (Applicable to all except daredevil) located in Jita 4-4. Starting price 10b. Can be contacted here or in game.

This item is no longer available. Buyer found.

Still looking to sell.

Still have this available and am looking to find a buyer. Perfect for your brand new Vanquisher or Vendetta.

Still seeking a buyer.

Still got a chance to grab this beautiful skin for a discounted price!

7 billion?

Would probably be interested if you still have it. Will write you a mail later today.

Electric Worry, apologies but that is a bit below what I am looking for.

AegisDynamic this is still available. I look forward to hearing from you.

Np. Thanks for responding. free bump

This item is still available.

8b isk

Hi Queen Currency, I’d be happy to settle for 9b if you can stretch to that?

mmmmmm I have 8b budgeted for a skin right now any more and it will eat into other stuff i need

No worries, if you reconsider let me know. Hope you find a nice skin for your budget!

meet me in the middle at 8.5? i can manage that

That works for me. Feel free to drop this toon a mail in game with who you’d like it contracting to.

contract it to this toon :slight_smile: i will accept it in about 20 minutes

Contract up :slight_smile:

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