Minmatar Victory SKIN
Serpentis Victory SKIN
Blood Raider Victory SKIN - SOLD
Daredevil Serpentis Victory SKIN - SOLD

All items in Jita. Willing to do bundle discount.

Evemail preferred but I will check responses here as well.

how much for the blood raider victory skin? And serpents too?

29 for serp 26 br. Can do 50 for both

how about 23 for serp?

I can do 27. 23 is too low sorry.

How about 22.3b for br?

I’d do 23 for the BR

Ill do 23.1B for br contract to nou67

Ill do the BR for 24 @Electric_Worry @nou67

kk contract to nou67 but might take like some time

I’ll do 25

Ill do 26B but accept tmr

I’ll do your 26 but will accept today.

kk GL sounds like a good deal for you @Electric_Worry :slight_smile:

Sorry buddy. Feel a bit like a jerk :confused: I retract my offer. You were in at 26 first

Nono I am really fine :slight_smile: no need to feel bad… but idk… If you wish so… o7 (my offer is also retracted)

contract up

Accepted. Ty

Serpentis and Minmatar skins still available

Best price for daredevil serpentis?