WTS Alliance tournament skins

Located jita 4-4, selling AT skins a bit lower than market to save the trouble of the 0.1 isk war of sell orders and the NPC tax’s.
Price change so much in jita, mail me in game about what you want and ill tell you my price below jita market.

Barghest triumphant 1 left
Garmur triumphant 1 left
orthrus triumphant
Blood raider victory
Sansha victory SOLD
Skybreaker EDENCOM victory
Stormbringer EDENCOM victory 1 left
Vedmak triglavian victory 1 left
Minmatar victory 1 left

new stock of non-AT skin’s :
Revelation navy issue Sanguinary savant
Revelation lavacore
Redeemer lavacore
Armageddon navy lavacore
Apocalypse lavacore
Garmur Ghost’s hex
Succubus ghost’s hex
Barghest ghost’s hex
Osprey navy issue union day executive
Jackdaw union day executive
Crane union day executive
Bustard union day executive
Brutix dragon phoenix
Ishtar dragon phoenix

No trade window scam, i sell throught contracts i make.

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Looking for your best offer on the Mordu set, the Blood Raider Victory, and the skybreaker victory. Bundle it up baby

IG mail sent

Nvm, you removed prices on the post and raised them in a DM? I’ll pass. Good luck with sale

Decided it was dumb to put price here since jita price keep moving and i was above market price on half the skin’s after 2 weeks here, honest mistake if one of them became more expensive.



how much for Vedmak?

can you label the price?

how much for vedmak or blood?

I just look at current jita price and mail you my (lower) price. ill send you a mail in 10min when i log in

sorry if you are going to mail can you mail to googletranslate (its a character name) ty

Barghest/Vedmak skins, how much?

Sent mail to both of you

Soooo how much for the skin?

Wich one? I literally just look at jita price and give you lower one. Jita price moves too much i don’t want to edit the post every 2-3 days

The vedmak skin :slight_smile:

mail sent

Vedmak and Blood skins price pls.

Contract vedmak skin i will accept today