WTS Skins under Jita price

Prices under Jita

Skybreaker EDENCOM Victory SKIN 1.8b
Stormbringer EDENCOM Victory SKIN 3.6b
Thunderchild EDENCOM Victory SKIN 8b

Full EDENCOM Set: 13.5b

Abaddon Cryptic Mimesis SKIN 77m
Dominix Cryptic Mimesis SKIN 380m
Raven Cryptic Mimesis SKIN 170m
Typhoon Cryptic Mimesis SKIN 119m

Full Cryptic Mimesis Set: 730m

Worm Hostile Takeover SKIN 850m
Gila Hostile Takeover SKIN 600m
Rattlesnake Hostile Takeover SKIN 500m

Full Hostile Takeover Set 1.7b

Tengu Ultra Jungle 70m
Nergal Metamateria Exotica SKIN x2 40m ea
Misc Skins at 5% under Jita sell, Full set at 20% under Jita sell

Bump strombringer price lowered under jita again

Skybreaker EDENCOM Victory SKIN . Do 1.5B for a competitor :wink: Good win guys!
Edit: I would take the lot for 9B if your interested in that, Id offer more but I dont particularly like the ships.

im looking for a tad more, but thanks for the offer!

Oh I had assumed it was you that made me the contract lol. ive got them. thanks tho.

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daily boop

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